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At Revolutionary Healing
you are seen, uplifted, and affirmed on your path towards holistic wellness.

We Welcome Your Authentic Self

What is Revolutionary Healing?

Revolutionary Healing is a movement. Our holistic model of wellness acknowledges that in order to flourish, we must cultivate balance mentally, physically, and spiritually. This evolves our sense of wellbeing, groundedness, and confidence in being our full, magical selves. Individually this can be life-changing, collectively it’s REVOLUTIONARY. 

At Revolutionary Healing we believe in making wellness accessible so many of the resources here are free or sliding scale costs. You deserve the space and opportunity to heal-unapologetically. We would be honored to join you on your transformation. Let's heal together!

Free Well Resources

Free Wellness Resources

Guided Meditations

Various guided meditations and gentle music to support your

at-home practice.

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Circle of Life Activity

Based on the 8 Dimensions of Wellness, this worksheet is designed to build awareness.

Our Offerings

Health & Wellness Coaching
Wellness & DEI Consultation

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Yoga & Meditation


“Meckell is, without a doubt, one of the most uplifting and warmhearted souls I know. She has not only helped guide me throughout my own journey as a student, but has served as a mentor so that I can instill this warmth in my other relationships, and empower others as well to take hold of their futures. Meckell has taught me so much throughout the years, and has shown me such grace, compassion, and empathy every time I've seen her.”


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