Meckell Milburn, MA, NBC-HWC, CWP

Peace, family. My name is Meckell (she/her) and Revolutionary Healing is the femifestation of my vision for making wellness accessible to black womxn & femmes.

For more than 12 years, my career in health education and coaching has allowed me to support hundreds of people in reaching their wellness goals. During this journey I’ve been able to unearth the connection between my profession as a wellness coach, my spiritual work as a healer, and my experience walking through the world as a queer, black womxn. My purpose in life is to increase access to healing resources for black folks. 

Revolutionary Healing is the answer to those of us that have not felt holistically supported by one-size-fits-all wellness programs. It is time for you to access the healing you deserve.

Aside from being deeply invested in black liberation through healing, my professional qualifications are as follows:

Our Values


We invite you to show up as your authentic self. At RH, we believe in honoring people wherever they may be on their individual journeys.



We know that health and wellness is not one-dimensional. Health is multifaceted and complex. We believe that our individual lifestyles should reflect that unapologetically. There is not one standard for being healthy- rather, RH works with individuals to support them in finding their own version of balance.

black liberation

We hold black liberation at the center of everything we do. Our motto is “Black womxn are seen, uplifted, and affirmed on their path towards holistic wellness". Creating access to healing spaces and resources is one of our roles in working to see change and ending oppression. We have been systematically disconnected from ourselves, community, and capacity to heal over time through slavery, capitalism, consumerism, and other harms. Reclaiming access to our selves, our bodies, and our health and happiness is a form of resistance.

connection to spirit

We seek guidance and sense of purpose from a force greater than ourselves.


We operate from an understanding that some communities have been historically underserved or overlooked and aim to provide services that are accessible.

healing justice

We aspire to support healing the impacts of oppression while simultaneously working to dismantle the health systems that have historically oppressed us.


We welcome all genders, sexual orientations, races, abilities, religious affiliations, nationalities, and more. In our work, we center black womxn and femmes.  We strive to meet the needs of people, like us, with identities that are often overlooked in "wellness" spaces.

learning from our past

We commit to walking with the wisdom passed down from our ancestors. 



We practice deep listening- to ourselves, to each other, to whatever we consider our voice of spiritual guidance and let this practice enrich our journeys.



Our work is grounded in the principle of mindfulness. We understand that in order to see change, we must access our own internal wisdom. Presence is the first step towards listening to what the body is trying to tell you.



Change isn’t always easy. At RH, we support extending kindness towards the self and understanding that both successes and setbacks are a part of growth.