What is the Revolutionary Healing Mutual Aid Fund?

In alignment with Revolutionary Healing's core values of healing justice, Black liberation, and equity, we are committed to increasing access to wellness services in our communities that are continuously overlooked and underserved. We intend to fund wellness minigrants for Black queer & trans people to cover wellness services while engaging black wellness providers to build a community of wellness. We believe that this will support creating a system of liberation to counteract and dismantle the impacts of oppression on the health and wellness of black people.

We are currently fundraising to fully launch the Revolutionary Healing Mutual Aid Fund for individuals by January 2022. Our fundraising efforts include the support of grants, direct individual donation, and proceeds from purchasing any of our products. These funds will directly support Black queer and trans folks in accessing wellness services at low to no cost to them.


Much gratitude for joining our efforts of community support.

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If you would prefer to donate directly to the grant fund, you are welcome to do so in the following ways:

Donorbox.org || Paypal: info@revoutionaryhealing.org 

(please write "RH Fund" in the memo)