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Wellness Plans


As summer approaches, we want to empower you to make this season one of holistic well-being and personal care. Sometimes, this goal is easier said than done- and that's where we come in to offer support! Connect with us today to create your personalized wellness plan.


These individual sessions are designed to help you create a tailored roadmap to support your well-being journey throughout the summer and beyond. During these 1-hour sessions, our wellness practitioner will support you in focusing on important aspects of your life such as food, stress management, body movement, and spirituality. We understand the unique needs of each person and will curate these plans specifically to support your individual ability to flourish.


We invite you to take this opportunity to collaborate with a wellness professional who will guide and inspire you to thrive this summer.


Here are some examples of what may be included in your personal wellness plan:

Planning Meals:

  • Creating a weekly meal plan

  • Preparing a grocery list based on the planned meals

  • Exploring new recipes

  • Learning tips to support you in eating meals aligned with both your interest and your health needs.

Physical Activity:

  • Setting a plan to engage in regular movement

  • Learning about different types of physical activities to keep it fun and exciting

  • Finding ways to establish consistency that work for you

  • Tracking progress in a non-triggering way that allows for both flow and discipline

Spiritual practices:

  • Learning how to carve out dedicated time each day for spiritual or meditation practices

  • Exploring different meditation techniques, such as breathwork, guided meditation, or body scan, to find what resonates with you.

  • Creating an altar or sacred space to focus your spiritual intentions

  • Connecting with your own cultural spiritual practices and guides

    Recommendations for apps or online resources to support you


Energy flow and stress management:

  • Learning techniques to be in better relationship with your energy

  • Gaining clarity on areas of stress and tension in your current life structure

  • Tools to support managing stress levels and regrounding


And more... Remember, these examples are meant to inspire and serve as a starting point. We look forward to connecting to get started on your personal wellness plan!


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